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Garland Harper Prentiss
20 February
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Garland Harper Prentiss

♓ sociable, mellow, deceptively conservative but not easily shocked.
♓ close-mouthed about his natural hair color (no, on Harper it's not a wig).
♓ born in Shenendoah, Iowa, of flower children parents with a habit of taking in strays.
♓ goes by his middle name because his first name is froofy.
♓ raised on David Bowie.
♓ attended Boston University and graduated with a BA in musicology.
♓ runs a small music shop, inherited from his uncle, that includes vintage vinyl records.
♓ writes, edits, and publishes a small newsletter/magazine associated with the shop, called The Singular Groove.
♓ lives alone in a modest flat in Boston.
♓ has a pet leopard gecko named Louis XIV.
♓ has an irrational phobia of a robot revolution.

Harper was originally more extroverted, energetic and wild. He was kept sedated by his "better half," childhood friend and college boyfriend Christian Michael Cain. For as outgoing and pleasant as Harper was, Christian was introverted, glacial, and venomous. A friendship since preschool forged a strong bond between them that filled in the gaps between two opposite personalities and never wavered for twenty years through the school system. While attending university together, Harper convinced Christian that they complemented one another well enough to take it a step further, and after much insistence that nothing would change about their friendship, a very intense intimate relationship began, and lasted until after they graduated.

Just months after graduation, after growing progressively more distant, Christian informed Harper that he couldn't deal with Harper's lack of ambition, and broke off all ties with him completely. One year later, Harper found out that Christian had married another man.

Feeling the unbearable sting of this cold cruelty, and completely at a loss for a way to rationally explain the abrupt end of such a long-lasted and deep bond, Harper continues to live his life without wallowing in despair, still quite approachable and harmonious. But now, he sees every human being through the sheet of ice that Christian left behind, and no one else has been able to warm the frost.

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Nothing's gonna change my world.
-- David Bowie